An Ester Cured Alkaline Phenolic Resin

Among the popular no bake organic binder systems namely Acid cured Phenolic. Alkyd & pepset for making moulds & cores at ambient temperature, no one was found environment friendly. To overcome this problem. environment friendly alkaline phenolic binder system has been developed.

FPE 100/FPE 200 & CAT 20min/30min/60min :
A two part cold set binder & hardner is a mixture of organic esters, used for making moulds & cores. Both batch and continuous mixers can be used.

• Free From Nitrogen, Sulphur & Phosphorous.
• Water Soluble Resin (Core Box, Patterns & Mixers Can Be Washed & Cleaned With Water).
• Non Corrosive Hardners.
• Easy Stripping From The Pattern. No Sticking.
• Can Be Used With All Types Sands Of High Acid Demand Values.
• No Casting Defects With Steel Castings (Free From Veins, Scabs, Erosions & Hot Tears) Due To Excellent High Temperature Properties Superior To Other No Bake Resins.
• Collapsibility Is Very Good.
• Lowest Gas Evolution.
• Offer Reclaimability.
• Excellent Casting Surface.
• Excellent Core Storage.
• High Productivity And Rapid Strength Development.

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